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TOPIC 10, 12 ( Markscheme) Topic 10-12 Markscheme.doc History HL 1
REVIEW of TIMELINES Timeline P1 - Italy and Germany.pdf, Timeline for Japanese Expansionism.pdf, Timeline P2 - The Cold War.pdf History HL 2
Guide to Paper 1,Paper 2 The Paper 2 Bible.pdf, The Paper 1 Bible 2015 .pdf History HL 3
Containment ; George Kennan The Age of Kennan.doc History HL 4
Test Feedback : Paper 2 Ms .Smith's Sino-Soviet/Sino American Relations My Essay China _0.doc History HL 5
Paper1 Training Paper 1 - Causes of Expansion - Test & Markscheme.doc, Paper 1 - Italy 3.doc, Manchurian Crisis - Peacemaking & Peacekeeping Text pg 189.docx, November 2017 Sources and Questions.pdf, Paper ! Practice - Nazi_Soviet Pact .doc, Paper 1 - Appeasement .doc, Paper 1 - Japanese Attack on Pearl Hrbour .doc, Paper 1 - Japanese Invasion of China .doc, Paper 1 Practice - Hitler's FP Goals .docx, Paper 1 Practice - Int. Reaction to Japan .doc, Guide for Paper 1.pdf, Communism in Crisis – The War in Afghanistan.doc, The Paper 1 Bible 2015 .pdf History HL 6
China : Factor in the Cold War;Sino-Soviet, Sino-American Relations 2017TiananmenSquareMassacrePowerPoint.ppt, tibet vs china powerpoint(3).ppt, Mao'sForeignPolicyChapter6.pdf, why_did_the_communists_win_the_civil_war (1).pptx, how_did_mao_change_china_1949-1957.ppt, what_political_changes_did_mao_implement.ppt, the_long_march.pptx, The China Factor in the Cold War.ppt, 3._how_did_sino-soviet_relations_change_during_the_cold.pptx, Primary Documents Sino-Soviet Relations.doc History HL 7
The End of the Cold War Mikhail Gorbachev.doc, Lecture 16.doc, END OF THE SOVIET UNION.doc, Did Reagan Win the Cold War_ Viewpoints .doc, Ronald Reagan - Tear Down This Wall Speech.doc, Gorbachev's Speech to UN 1988.doc, ENDGAME.doc, ANOTHER WEARY TITAN.doc, Chapter 9 End of Cold War.ppt, Perestroika,_Glasnost,_and_the_End_of_the_Cold_War.ppt, ronald_reagan_era_powerpoint_2.ppt, End of Cold War - general presentation (version 2-8.0) (3) (1).ppt, GORBACHEV1990.doc, Why doesn’t the Soviet Union exist any more.doc, Communism in Crisis1976-1999.pdf, PRESIDENT.doc, Life Under Alternative Facts.doc, Arms Race.doc, Czech Republic.doc, Brezhnev.ppt, Gorbachev_1.ppt, The-Collapse-of-the-Soviet-Union (1).ppt, ARCHIVES.doc, Requiem for USSR Questions.doc, Gorbachev's Quotes.doc History HL 8
East Europe on the Eve of the End of the Cold War Poland(erica).ppt, Solidarity.ppt, The end of Communism in Hungary (1).ppt, East Germany.ppt, Czechoslovakia 1989-1991.ppt History HL 9
Probable Essays ( View the proposed paragraphs and theses) Mutual fears and the search for security were the reasons for the breakdown of East.doc, Cold War Test Bank.doc History HL 10
Historiography of the Cold War Cold War Historians.doc, 1) Historiography and approaches in Cold War Studies 1 (1).ppt History HL 11
Collections of CW Questions Paper 2 is an essay paper based on 12 world history topics of which students at Island School study two ​topics.doc History HL 12
IMPACT OF THE COLD WAR ON NATIONS the_impact_of_cold_war_tensions_on_west_germany_table.doc, the_impact_of_cold_war_tensions_on_china_table.doc, Essay .doc History HL 13
THE IMPACT OF LEADERS ON THE COURSE AND DEVELOPMENT OF THE COLD WAR the_impact_of_leaders_truman_and_stalin.doc, the_impact_of_leaders_khrushchev_and_mao.doc, the_impact_of_leaders_reagan_and_gorbachev.doc, Essay Questions on the CW Leaders.doc History HL 14
Cold War up to 1980 Cold War Essay Test Questions to 1962 (2).doc History HL 15
How to Plan an Essay " Assess " President Truman and the Cold War.doc History HL 16
Detente : Was it a Success or Failure 5._to_what_extent_did_détente_make_the_cold.ppt, was_détente_a_success.pdf, Détente Lesson Plan.doc, Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty I.doc, Détente and the’ Second Cold War’.doc, Wae Detente a Success_ Viewpoints .doc, Soviets in Afghanistan (1).doc, President Carter on the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan (1).doc History HL 17
Reading Week Tasks Reading Week March Break.doc, Cold War Essay Test Questions to 1962 (1).doc History HL 18
Sino-American Hostility Lesson Sino-American Relationship.doc, Lesson Objectives Sino-American .doc History HL 19
Sino-Soviet Relationship Sino-Soviet Relationships.doc, Sino-Soviet Relations .doc, 3._how_did_sino-soviet_relations_change_during_the_cold.pptx, Lesson Tasks;Sino-Soviet.doc, Khrushchev in Water Wings.doc, culturalrevolution1chinasforeignpolicy-120210020540-phpapp02.pdf History HL 20
Khrushchev vs Kennedy Kennedy Talked.doc, FK and Khrushchev meet in Vienna.doc, ‘He just beat the hell out of me’.doc, Primary Documents.doc History HL 22
Cuban Missile Crisis ,October Crisis, Caribbean Crisis, 13 days Operation Mongoose.doc, Operation Mongoose1.doc, Cuban Missle Crisis .doc, The Real Cuban Missile Crisis.doc, Cold War and Cuba - Chapter (1).pdf, Cuban Missile CrisisOn 14 October 1962.doc, Why did Soviet support for Castro provoke a major crisis with the US.doc, Overview Cuba.doc, Bay of Pigs.doc, What were the Soviets trying to accomplish with Operation Anadyr.doc, Anadyr CIA.pdf, We may owe our lives to a back channel with Russia.doc, acw_cuban_missile_crisis_.ppt, The Real Cuban Missile CrisisQuestions.doc History HL 23
Effects of the Tensions of the CW on Cuba The Cuba Diaries.doc, Under Fidel Castro, Sports.doc, castros_foreign_policy.ppt, The Terrorist Attack on La Coubre.doc, CW Politcs at the Pan-American Games .doc, Rise and Rule of Fidel Castro( From an IB teacher).pdf, WE WILL BURY YOU.doc, Links to explore the impact of the CW on the Cuban Society.doc, Fidel's Legacy.doc, How Fidel Castro changed Cuba.doc, Inside Fidel Castro's Cuba.doc, Perspectives on Fidel Castro.doc, Growing Pains in Cuban Dance.doc History HL 24
Detente ; Was it a Success Wae Detente a Success_ Viewpoints .docx, 5._to_what_extent_did_détente_make_the_cold.pptx History HL 25
Cuba ; Prelude / Cuban Revolution Cuban Revolution.ppt History HL 26
USA and Containment in Asia : From Ms. Ryan The USA and Containment in Asia.doc, Soviet View of The Origins of the Korean War.docx, The Allied Occupation of Japan .doc, Sino-American Relations .doc, Sino-Soviet Relations .doc, The Cold War Goes Global - Korean War .docx History HL 27
Why did Containment fail in Vietnam? Content Vietnam.doc, 4._was_containment_a_success_in_vietnam.pptx History HL 28
Why was Containment a success in Japan and Taiwan 3._why_was_containment_a_success_in_japan_and.ppt, Content Japan.doc History HL 29
What were the causes and effects of the Korean War Rupert Cornwell.doc, Southeast Asia Treaty Organization.doc, The Origins of the Korean War.doc, US Enters the Korean Conflict.doc, 2._the_korean_war_causes_and_effects (3).ppt, Content of the Box.doc History HL 30
The Impact of the Two Leaders in the Cold War :Berlin Walter Ulbricht.doc, RiseandFallof the WallCommunist Leaders.doc, JFK and the Cold War.doc History HL 31
Impact of the CW on two Nations : GDR 10 Great Escapes Across The Berlin Wall.doc, East Germany athletes were.doc, Berlin Wall Reflcetion.doc, Memories of Germans.doc, PETER FECHTER.doc, Heidi_Andreas Kreiger .doc, Berlin Airlift Turns 60 A Firsthand Account of Post.doc, East German Stasi files open to public online for first time.doc, Case Study- The Berlin Wall .doc, The Berlin Wall.doc, I was born in east Berlin.doc, German Democratic Republic.doc, How I survived an East German prison.doc, The Second Life of an East German Youth Organization.doc, When Robert was 15 years old.doc, TV in the GDR.doc, Seven amazing facts you should know about TV in the GDR.doc, Life in GDR.ppt History HL 32
GDR Uprising 1953: THAW East German Uprising.ppt, THE THAW.doc, GLOSSARY DETENTE .doc, QUESTIONS THAW and the IMPACT of Pr.IKE_.doc, Peaceful Coexitence .doc History HL 33
Berlin Crisis 2 ( 1958-1961) Case Study- The Berlin Wall .doc, Berlin Wall Reflcetion.doc, PETER FECHTER.doc, The Berlin Wall-2.doc, berlin-wall-overview.pdf, Memories of Germans.doc, What History Teaches.doc, 10 Great Escapes Across The Berlin Wall.doc, Why was there a crisis over Berlin in 1961.doc, theberlinwall.ppt History HL 34
Western European Rearmement Western European Rearmament.doc History HL 35
Two Crises , Effects of the CW on two nations : Germany, Berlin The Division of Germany.doc, PERSPECTIVES ON THE BERLIN AIRLIFT_0.doc, The Berlin blockade of 1948_0.doc, Further Reading.doc, 4._did_the_berlin_crisis_trigger_the_cold_war (2).ppt, The Berlin Airlift & Stalin's Interview.doc, Berlin Airlift Websites.doc, Historiography Berlin Airlift .ppt History HL 36
INDEPENDANT LESSON : THE SPREAD OF THE CW TO ASIA Independant Lessons Asia.doc, 1._why_did_the_cold_war_spread_to_asia (1).ppt, Evaluate the successes and failures of the policy of containment in Asia up to 1973.doc History HL 37
Cold War Assignment ColdWarEssay+Seminar2017.doc, Examination advice How to answer.doc, Sample Compare and Contrast.doc, Points for examing a CW crisis.doc History HL 38
From Confrontation to Containement 1_how_did_stalin_consolidate_his_control_of_eastern.ppt, Establishment of Communist Regimes in Eastern Europe.ppt, Soviet takeover of power.doc, The Rise of Communism in Czechoslovakia.doc, How Communism Took Over Eastern Europe After World War II.doc, The Truman Doctrine's Implications.doc, Churchill's Speech Trigger.doc, Did Salami Tactics Really Happen.doc, Salami Tactics.doc, TITO AND YUGOSLAVIA.doc, post WWII Finland.doc, How did Salomi Tactics Really Work.doc, REVISION1945-1948.doc, The importance of the Communist parties.doc, George Kennan's Sources of Soviet Conduct.doc, marshall_plan_speech.doc, Clark Clifford Report.pdf, Thesis From wartime allies to post.doc, Secret Services.doc, The Moscow Conference of Foreign Ministers.doc, The Marshall Plan and the Cold War.doc, 3._how_did_confrontation_lead_to_containment-2.ppt, Speech by Andrei Zhdanov.doc, Speech by Andrei Zhdanov.doc, Soviet Containment 1946-1980 .docx History HL 39
Hiroshima and the Cold War President Truman and the origins of the Cold War.doc, Stalin's Response to A bomb.doc, Hiroshima and the Cold War.doc, Hiroshima and Nagasaki PowerPoint_1.ppt History HL 40
Break Down of the Alliances 2._breakdown_of_the_grand_alliance (5).pptx, Churchill believed he could charm anyone.doc, Reading Liberation of Europe.doc, Glossary1.doc, Frame of Reference;Clement Attlee.doc, Harry S Truman ;Frame of reference.doc, PERSONALITIES AT THE CONFERENCES.doc, Protocol of Proceedings.doc, Official Gazette of the Control Council for Germany.doc, PRESIDENT TRUMAN Presrents at Potsdam.doc, Yalta Overview.doc, Operation Keelhaul was a secret military operation agreed to at the Yalta Conference that forcibly returned 2 million Russians captured during World War II back to the communist Soviet Union.doc, Potsdam Overview.doc, Foreign Policy Documents.doc, YALTA vs POTSDAM.ppt, The Big Three in Tehran.doc, Yalta Explained .doc, Britain’s Cossack Betrayal.doc History HL 41
Nature of the Cold War Chapter_1_Overview.pdf, Origins of the Cold War QuestionsLecture .doc, Origins of the Cold War Questions .doc, First Shots of the Cold War.doc, atlantic_charter.doc, declaration_by_the_united_nations.doc, tehran_conference.doc, yalta_conference.doc, potsdam_conference.doc, kennan_long_telegram.doc, novikovs_telegram.doc, iron_curtain_speech.doc, These Cold War quotations were made by notable figures and historians of the Cold War.doc, conference_analysis_pdf.pdf, American Isolationism in the 1930s.doc, US policies 1945-1949, long_term_causes_review (1).doc, 1._long_term_causes.ppt, When Lenin invaded Poland.doc, Maps.ppt, 1._long_term_causes_0.ppt History HL 42
Welcome Overview Paper 1 Overview .pdf, Paper 2 – Exam Questions.pdf, Paper 1 Overview .pdf, Topic 12Bullets_0.doc, ReviewDocumentaries_Activities.doc, What was the international response to the start of war.doc, Domestic Policies of the Authoritarian States.doc, What caused the collapse of the USSR and the end of the Cold War.doc History HL 43